Arrow Cabinets

We are happy to be dealers Arrow's classic sewing machine cabinets and craft tables which are are functional, affordable and offer superior engineering and quality.

Not every sewing machine will fit in every cabinet, our staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect cabinet for your machine.


Our Auntie cabinet provides all the features of a larger cabinet, but in a reduced size. Her airlift will move your machine up and down like an elevator into 3 sewing positions: free arm, flatbed and storage of the machine. The airlift easily adjusts for different height machines.

Her four drawers offer plenty of storage for your sewing essentials and her two fold out leaves will provide a large work surface for all your projects. She will also come with a universal insert to fit most sewing machines creating a flush sewing surface. A custom insert can be ordered separately to accommodate a specific machine.

Available in white (shown), black, and oak-grain.

Ava Embroidery

Your Ava embroidery cabinet is specifically made for large and heavy industrial embroidery units or any household embroidery machines, as she has reinforced 1” thick top to provide stability for all your embroidering and crafting projects.

Ava features a cut out under your machine to allow fabric to drape down and not bulk under the machine while in use.  Two cut out sizes are available to fit Janome/Elna machines and one larger opening to fit Baby Lock/Brother machines.

Available in white.


Bertha was made to fit today's large and heavy sewing and embroidery machines. Her airlift holds a 60 pound machine and will move your sewing machine up and down effortlessly into 3 positions: free arm, flatbed and storage. The airlift easily adjusts for different height machines. We have also included the quilt leaf for the back of the cabinet. The leaf will increase your workspace behind the unit creating approximately 5 square feet , so fragile quilts won't fall on the floor as you pass them through the machine. The leaf slides along a metal rod behind the cabinet for custom positioning to the left of your machine.

Available in white, cherry, and oak-grain.


The Sew Much More Craft & Hobby Table known as "Gidget" to her friends offers free arm and flatbed sewing with an adjustable platform. The steel locking legs offer a sturdy base, but fold up neatly for easy storage. The tough melamine surface is mar-resistant allowing for years of use creating sewing and craft projects.

Available in white.

Gidget II

Gidget II is a sturdy table that offers free arm and flatbed sewing for those larger sewing, embroidery, quilting machines on the market. Her opening is 23 1/2” wide x 12 1/2” deep and she will support a 45-pound sewing machine! The steel locking legs offer a sturdy base, but fold up neatly for easy storage. With a Velcro strip to secure the legs in place and 2 wheels on the side of the table, our Gidget II is perfect table for taking to classes, retreats or in your RV. Her tough melamine surface is mar-resistant allowing for years of use creating sewing and craft projects.


The unique design of this cabinet allows for a sewing triangle: ironing, cutting and sewing in one spot.

The Design Cabinet is made to accommodate larger sewing machines. A 2-Position Manual Lift on the cabinet allows you to easily move your machine from Freearm to Flatbed.

The ironing board on the side of cabinet allows for pressing just inches away from your machine.

Norma Jean Sewing Cabinet

Norma Jean is the updated version of our most popular Marilyn cabinet, now with the platform and opening to hold the large quilting, embroidery sewing machine. Norma Jean will be your favorite because she offers ALL the features you are looking for in a great piece of sewing furniture, like four color options , a heavy duty airlift and tons of storage in four drawers!

Available in White, black, cherry or oak-grain.


(Come see this in the shop!)

Olivia's cute vintage gingerbread design will make her the focal point of your sewing room.

Olivia features a 2-position mechanism that will support a 45 pound machine and move your sewing machine into the flatbed and free-arm positions and adjusts easily to different heights of machines. Pull the quick release lever forward to make your sewing well become flush with the top and use Olivia as a desk or another hobby table. You'll find plenty of storage for your small notions with 2 drawers and 2 deep cubbies for storage of your sewing machine, serger or baskets of fabric. Olivia's wide table top surface allows you to sit center needle comfortably and have plenty of space both on the left and right side of your sewing machine.

Available in white or pistachio (shown).


Our Pixie Cutting Table is a perfect accessory for any craft room. Use the table for cutting perfect lengths of fabric.  

The pistachio tabletop features a tape measure on the front and perfectly symmetrical white lines on the top surface for making straight cuts, plus a custom sized pinnable cutting mat. The table can double as a craft surface for all sorts of projects like scrap booking, modeling and gift wrapping or a grab a stool and place your sewing machine on the table to create a large sewing surface. When your projects are complete the table's leaves fold down to create a compact unit that can be stored out of the way.

Available in pistachio and oak-grain (shown).


Our Quilty is made to support all large longarm quilting machines currently on the market, allowing you the comfort of sitting down while quilting.  Remove your longarm from your frame, re-position your screen and place in Quilty’s large opening.  Sit in front of your quilt just like a standard sewing machine in a cabinet.

Available in white (shown).

Sewing Chair
(come see this in store!)

Our Sewing Chair is a perfect accessory for any craft room. The chair’s heavy-duty cotton upholstery fabric comes in a variety of patterns such as a funky floral fabric, or new quilter's Hexi. Each fabric is paired with a set of colored bases that is sure to match any décor in your craft room. 

The chair’s height provides perfect lumbar support and it's soft, yet firm cushion is comfortable for those long sewing hours. Our chair features 4 casters for greater movement at your sewing cabinet or crafting surface. Lift the seat cushion up to reveal a hidden storage compartment for your small notions or patterns. Solid wooden legs and base make this a sturdy and beautiful addition to your room. 

Available in a floral or hexi (shown) upholstery which can be paired with a white, black, pistachio (shown), red, or pink base.

(come see this in store!)

This compact cabinet has most of the features that the larger Arrow cabinets feature. The cabinet's air-lift mechanism raises and lowers your sewing machine into place with a simple push. The mechanism is adjustable for all types of sewing machine base heights.

The cabinet also comes with a unique universal insert to create a flush sewing surface when the mechanism is in the flatbed position. The cabinet can be used for your sewing machine or serger. 

The cottage look shuttered door has 2 thread spindles and 2 trays for your sewing accessories. 
Available in white, black, or oak-grain.


With her cute, vintage styling, our Shirley sewing cabinet offers freearm and flatbed sewing with an adjustable platform to accommodate different heights of machines. 

Shirley’s cabinet size is perfect for new sewers with limited space and budget. Her scallop trim front creates a decorative furniture look and four drawers provide plenty of storage for sewing essentials. Locking front casters provide excellent stability and portability.

Available in white.


Storage Cube

Each side of the 4 sided Storage Cube offers storage and organization for all sorts of sewing and crafting accessories. Coordinates with the Modular units!

You’ll find plenty of storage with 3 adjustable shelves on one side while the opposite side has one shelf dedicated to 18 thread spindles and 2 more storage shelves.

Spin your Cube around to reveal 42 removable thread and bobbin holders with varying lengths to hold thread, bobbins, scissors and any other craft accessory allowing you to customize to your needs.

The last side of your Storage Cube features 2 rods for hanging and storing ribbon, yarn or embroidery interfacing.  Plus behind the rods is 7” of more storage space for books, fabric or baskets.

Available in white.

Suzi Storage
(come see this in store!)

Create a matching set in your sewing room, by adding Suzi to any Arrow cabinet! Suzi is made of the same material Arrow cabinets are made of, so she will match any existing Arrow cabinet you have.

You'll find plenty of storage with four drawers for all your sewing notions.

Each module is available separately, or you can purchase them in any combination you desire. Available in white.


Modular Units - New!
(Come see the 
Modular Cabinet in the shop!)

Our new Modular units can be purchased as a 4-piece set – the Mod Squad -or individually, allowing you to create the custom sewing studio you’ve wished for!

The units include (shown from left to right in this photo):

-Mod Thread Caddy # 2031
-Mod Sewing Cabinet # 2011
- Mod Corner Cabinet # 2021
- Mod 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet # 2041

Grouped together, the 4 pieces of our modular line allow for an “L” shape configuration, utilizing that often overlooked corner space and leaving the center of your room open.  If you don’t want to line your units along the wall, pull them apart and place them in your room wherever you need them. Each unit is 23″ deep and 30″ tall, so they line up perfectly.

Each module is available separately, or you can purchase them in any combination you desire. Available in white.