Long Arm Services

Long Arm Quilting Services

Are you looking for a simple way to get a quilt finished, but do not have time to quilt it yourself? Call us today! 

Your quilt top will be loaded with care and quilted with an edge to edge (allover) design of your choosing (from designs we have in house) with Quilter's Dream batting and Superior So Fine 50 weight thread. You provide the finished top and backing fabric.

View our available Edge to Edge designs.

Please read and follow the Before the Quilt is Dropped Off instructions and print and complete as much of the included Drop Off form as you can..

Pricing: 2 cents per square inch for quilting, plus the cost of batting, and thread charges which are outlined below. $50 minimum quilting charge. How much will my quilt cost? Here is the formula. Multiply the length x the width to get your total square inches, multiply total square inches by 0.02 + batting cost + thread charge. Example for a 60" x 75" quilt top: 60 x 75 = 4500 x 0.02 = $90.00 + batting + thread.

Thread charges: Craft, crib, or lap = $5; twin or double = $8; queen = $10; king = $12.

Things to remember:
  • Batting and backing must be at least 5 inches bigger on EACH SIDE  (12 inches longer and 12 inches wider) than your quilt top.
  • Do not baste the quilt. It needs to be in 3 separate parts: top, batting, & backing.
  • Press quilt top well, making sure that all seams have been pressed.
  • Trim all loose threads.
  • Read our Before the Quilt is Dropped Off document completely.
  • Complete as much of the Drop Off form as you can (included in the document linked above).