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Privacy Policy

I do not personally collect information about you from my website. I don't how and I have no desire to nose into your business. Any information I gather from you in person is stored in my person records for the purposes of contacting you and remembering what type of designs you like.  I do not sell your information to anyone nor do I "share" it with others.  I simply enjoy quilts and the people who make them.

My Story

Hello. My name is Sandy. I have been longarming since 2008.  5 of those years were at Prints Charming Quilt Shop of Fulton, MD.   My shop closed in 2018. I continue to quilt in Cornwall, PA. I love quilts for their beautiful colors, texture, and designs. I also enjoy the community of quilters that I have met through the quilts. I enjoy working with quilters to find the right mix of design, thread and batting to enhance your creation.

Call for an appointment: (443) 742-3697

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