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How does this work?


Bring in your pressed and squared up quilt top and your pressed and squared backing. I provide thread and Quilter's Dream Batting. The cost for standard quilting patterns is $0.025/ square inch.  This is figured by measuring your quilt top. Multiply the length x the width x .025.  The answer is your cost for quilting ($50.00 minimum quilting charge).  My service is edge to edge quilting. This means that the same design is stitched all over your quilt.




Your backing must be at least 3" bigger on EACH side than your top.  A top that is 50" x 80" needs a back that is 56" x 86". 


For best results: press backing seams open and use a 1/2" seam allowance.


Outside edges of your back need to be straight and not jagged.  Cut off the extra inch or two that hangs out past the seaming.




Make sure that seams are stitched together. A missed seam is hard for you to correct once the quilt is quilted.


Press well and trim excess threads.


Picking a Design


This website shows standard designs that cost $0.025/square inch (including thread and batting).  You may choose one of those or ask for my help to choose.  Ask if you are looking for a specific type of design that is not shown.  I have access to many designs.  NOTE: prices may vary on differing patterns.


Picking Thread

I generally use Superior So Fine #50 threads.  Other threads may be available if you are looking for a specialty thread. Due to the way stitches are formed, I cannot guarantee 100% no show through of colors if different colors are selected for the top and bobbin threads. I recommend that you choose one color that will look good on both sides of your quilt.


Trimming your Quilt


I trim your quilt at no extra charge. Let me know if you don't want your quilt trimmed or if you plan to use the backing as a wrap over binding.  I trim close to the edge of the quilt unless directed to do differently.

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